Hot showcases for bars

Showcases to keep food warm.

Target audience

Hot showcases are useful for barshotels and all restaurants that use the buffet as the exposure mode and choice of menu.


Hot showcases for bars are practical and highly customizable to keep you warm and elegantly expose foodsToilets counter customizable, which use the heating in warm light to eliminate the risk of fogging of the transparent surfaces and reach up to 75 ° of temperatureThe hot food display are also available in the humidified stainless steel versionwhich transmits the heat evenly over the entire surface by means of a adhesive strength at low voltage. The water inserted inside the basinthe effect of heatevaporatesallowing the perfect conservation and humidification of each food.

Additional information

Scegli il tuo profilo

Bar, Brewery, Pizzeria, Restaurant, Street food

Momento della giornata

AfterDinner, Brunch, Dinner, Lunch, Snack


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