Electric oven to cook pizza and other baked products.

Target audience

LaPizzeria is the pizza oven ideal for barssnack housesrotisseriescrêperie who want to put pizza or other baked products on their menu.


LaPizzeria is the oven for the baking of the italian traditional pizza: 3 bake pizzas for once to 350 degrees, thanks to the 3 plans refractory and the cooking system trivalent endowed with a particular fan. It can bake the traditional pizza soft or crisp as the oven of a pizzaiolo up to a diameter of 35 cm or 30 x 40 in a baking pan for pizza slices. LaPizzeria is available with optional fan included for quick and even cooking, or excluded for cooking concentrated type “pizza professional”. Each floor has a baking stone pyrolytic (self-cleaning) easily removable. It has an option to “grill” for cooking golden and crisp effect “crispy” indicated for the discovery of pre-cooked products: lasagne, cannelloni, roast beef, toast, omelettes, appetizer happy hour etc. The temperature, time, the softness or crispiness are controlled by a microprocessor and by two electronic cards.

Wide range of quick delicious meals

A particular care is dedicated to the insulation for the heat protection on each side and especially where the doors opening of the oven are closed. Equipped with an automatic suction carbon hood provided with compensation chamber cooled and dual technology (optional).

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AfterDinner, Brunch, Cocktail Time, Dinner, Lunch, Pre-dinner, Snack

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Bar, Restaurant Pizzeria Pub, Street food


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