Rolling Potatos

Machine to cook jacket potatoes.

Target audience

Rolling Potatos is dedicated to the breweries and the local theme they want to offer the traditional dish in AngloIrish approach to the consumption of light beerred and for meditation.


Rolling Potatos is a special rotary oven easy to use in 2 levels of cookingBakeuntil 15/20 potatoes for once to 300 ° / 350 °The furnace is equipped with a drawer sauces holder 4 compartments GN 1/6 h from 65 to 100 mmand two basketball wire to store hot cooked potatoes.


The machine designed in the shape of the pot is protected by a dress” that recalls the colors of the British flagThe dress can be customized on request.

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Cocktail Time, Dinner, Lunch, Pre-dinner, Snack

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Bar, Restaurant Pizzeria Pub, Street food


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