Spiedotto Junior

Vertical turnspit with skewers.

Target audience

Spiedotto Junior is the ideal turnstip for kebab shopsrotisseries and all the exhibitors who want to roast meatfish, seafoodvegetablefruitsmoked or seasoned cheesecornsausageshot dogs, fowl and even other foods.


Spiedotto Junior is the vertical turnstip with skewers: universal dual rotation, equipped with 2 infrared heating elements that independently work with curved tempered glass (security glass) open hinged hood with patented HACCP standards.

The machine Spiedotto Junior has been designed to allow the insertion and the extraction of the skewers always from the operator side, turning according to the side that requires the operation (patented system).

PortaSpiedi universal patented provided with all sizes of skewers for length and width, also of industrial production, for wood, stainless steel, etc.

Spiedotto Jr, despite its small size, it can cook up to 14 skewers and 28 at a time with very low power consumption.
Infrared allows a quick and uniform cooking, temperature adjustable and allows differentiated at the same time to cook and heat. Spiedotto Jr is the only rotisserie counter illuminated with light from the inside to attract “hot” the attention of the customers also to spit off.


Scenic design to great effect in just 45 cm of space. Very small and easy to clean stainless steel surfaces of the cooking chamber, the tempered glass (security glass), the drip pan grease collection, no corners in compliance with international standards of safety and hygiene.

Additional information

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Brunch, Cocktail Time, Dinner, Lunch, Pre-dinner, Snack

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Bar, Restaurant Pizzeria Pub, Street food


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