Combi Masterchef

Infrared oven for cooking of various foods and frying without oil.

Target audience

Combi Masterchef is perfect for each type of operator. From the bar that makes quick lunches at the brewery to serve dishes to accompany drinks. Wine bars, pubs, restaurants, aperitif-locals, hot tables can enrich their menus and their business thanks to Combi Masterchef .


Masterchef is able to cook many varieties of foods from croissants to crisps. Thanks to infrared technology combined to a system of air convection and shaking, you will be able to serve from croissants to pizzas, rolls, buns, baked pasta, mixed fries, chips and all that fantasy allows you to create.


Combi Masterchef is able to cook , warm, fry and grill at a speed of 200 g for 3 minutes. Also with Combi Masterchef you can set customized recipes and start cooking with a single click. The oven electronically controls the cooking to avoid errors or burns.


It is safe and surfaces are cooled. Through a USB port, you can make the upgrade and set maintenance. Its consumption is very low.

Wide range of quick delicious meal

Combi Masterchef is the only patented machine for frying without oil.