Pastaland Avant

Pasta cooker for cooking fresh and dry pasta.

Target audience

Pastaland Avant is ideal for barspizzerias and all local offering services of high quality fast fooddiversifying the range of main courses fast but various and refined.


Pastaland Avant was founded in collaboration with a major manufacturer of pasta.


The ideal equipment for the cooking of pasta, whose processes of shaking, dripping and abatement of the steam are operated by an electronic process and a keyboard that operates over the cooking durations for the various pasta formats and for the warm maintenance of sauces too.


Already in 2006, at the beginning of production, Pastaland Avant states as the most versatile pasta cooker and technologically advanced in the industry, able to use all kinds of dry pasta, fresh, precooked and/or frozen.

Wide range of quick delicious meal

With its baskets, single portion or by kilo, interchangeable, cooks the noodles until the length of 28 cm, it is equipped with a self diagnostic system, capable of interacting with systems Wi Fi (optional) with a connection to the water system.

Additional information

Momento della giornata

Cocktail Time, Dinner, Lunch, Pre-dinner, Snack

Scegli il tuo profilo

Bar, Restaurant Pizzeria Pub, Street food


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