Pastaland Passion

Pasta cooker for cooking of 4 different dishes simultaneously.

Target audience

Pastaland Passion is ideal for barspizzerias and all local offering services of high quality fast fooddiversifying the range of main courses fast but various and refined.


Pastaland Passion is the pasta cooker of the latest generation equipped with 4baskets for cooking and thawing of pasta and sauces single doseIts microprocessor automatically manages and controls 5 different cooking times for each of the four basketsthe temperature, the level of water in the kettle, and finally the removal of the vapor.


Pastaland Passion is able to communicate with the operator in 5 languages and managesin self-diagnosissome parameters that can customize the process according to the type of pastadriedpre-cookedfreshfrozenand found the portions paid pasta and sauces .

Wide range of quick delicious meal

he pasta cooker also has automatic loading of water through the water supply and the water displacement and the automatic lifting of the baskets.

Additional information

Momento della giornata

Brunch, Cocktail Time, Dinner, Lunch, Pre-dinner, Snack

Scegli il tuo profilo

Bar, Restaurant Pizzeria Pub, Street food


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