La Cialderia Donuts

Machine to cook Donuts.

Target audience

La Cialderia Donuts is ideal for pizzerias, bars and locals that want to offer a diversified sweet menu and suitable for the most demanding palatesParticularly suitable for bars and confectioneries which point to an original breakfast menu


La Cialderia Donuts is the food machine with a practical and versatile systemfor the preparation and cooking of Donuts, the famous donut Pat.

It can prepare donuts from 8 cm or 10 cm for breakfast of hotels.

La Cialderia Donuts Techfood is in AISI 304 stainless steel with digital timer audible and visualThe machine is equipped with a ceramic cooking LONGLIFE Teflon non-stickanti-smoking and self-cleaningThe material prevents heat to affect the work plan would improve cleaningLa Cialderia Donuts is realized with an innovative system conceived by Techfood and does not require a hoodit does not produce fumes or smells.

Wide range of quick delicious meal

Donuts cialderia is made with an innovative system designed by Techfood and does not require a hood, it does not produce smoke or odors.


Additional information

Momento della giornata

AfterDinner, Colazione, Snack

Scegli il tuo profilo

Bar, Ice cream shop, Pastry, Restaurant Pizzeria Pub, Street food


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