Pic Nic, the “good taste” corner shop

Not the usual franchising.

Target audience

Pic Nic – Corner Shop is the ideal little shop for all restaurateurs who want to expand an existing business or create a new, simple, innovative and totally “ready-to-use”. The formula offers an alternative to the franchising, in fact no royalties or fees are required.


A business for everyone combined to equipment “100% Made in Italy” dedicated to those who have never worked in the horeca channel. Pic Nic – Corner Shop requires just 15 square meters, 5 hours of preparation and it is equipped with everything you need to keep and cook a quality product, on demand, without wastes.


Thanks to the established trust relationship over the years, Techfood® initiates collaboration with its suppliers, including Barilla®, Rispo® for fried food and Cremonini with the Spanino® line. A great solution for those who want to open a restaurant in full autonomy and simplicity, ideal for those who look for the first time in the restaurant business and for those who want to expand their business in a little space and low investments.


Pic Nic® offer ranges from sweet to salty, thanks to Rondò Unika®Combi Wave® and Pastaland®, the innovative machines included in the package. From the preparation of crêpes and waffles to fish and chips cooked without oil, passing for first courses, pizzas and sandwiches. Pic Nic® allows you to have a wide range of in-room space thanks to the Techfood® countertop machines that have been specifically designed for being positioned in all places.


Relevant aspects:

  • simple and tested formula
  • low investment
  • safe market
  • “made in Italy” technology and know-how
  • reduced sizes
  • support and 360 degree training
  • does not need filtering plants

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